Hi everyone, we are Minisaur, a group of 3 Italian friends with a great passion for videogames. We introduce you to our brand new title Bruce Wheels, a never-before seen, immediate, fun and constantly challenging game for mobile devices.

  • Bruce Wheels is available! Get it now on Google Play

  • Enjoy an innovative end extremely rewarding gameplay!

  • Constant updates will bring new content to enjoy

Innovative gameplay

Bruce Wheels features a never-before seen, immediate, fun and constantly challenging gameplay. Turn the phone by 360 degrees, blow into the microphone, rub and hit to beat all the levels!

Fantastic graphics

Enjoy a gorgeous adventure with your new friend Bruce the hamster! You will travel through many fantastic worlds filled with the best animation technologies for mobile devices.

Many friends and foes

In your adventure you will meet tons and tons of friends and enemies, which will help you out setting great high-scores or try to put your reflexes to proof with spiteful tricks.

Tons of levels

The game features 6 completely different worlds to play, currently counting 90 levels. More content will be coming periodically trough updates, making your adventure even longer!

Be the leader

Bruce Wheels support leaderboards through Google Play Service, so you can compare your skills with your friend's anytime! The game is also filled with achievements, Be the first to get them all!

Be the survivor

Try out the Survival Mode and put yourself to the test reaching some unbelievable records! Create never ending combos and don't let the enemies stop you from being the greatest player!